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We developed a set of R&D platforms that enhanced competitiveness in a strategically vital therapeutic area.

To achieve this, we:

benchmarked resource allocation, capabilities, and development strategies against best-in-class peers;

defined a clear set of creative strategic options, before evaluating risk, investment, and required organisational capabilities for each;

successfully guided the organisation through strategy selection and co-creation of implementation roadmap.

We delivered a go-to-market strategy for a medical device company with an innovative technology platform.

To achieve this, we:

analysed market size, product potential, partnering options, and competitive landscape through primary and secondary research;

demonstrated a clear direction for product development through designing a clear, workable commercialisation roadmap;

ensured that senior management and the Board of Directors were aligned on the new commercial strategy.

We helped transform a company with diverse clinical and commercial assets into a focused, specialty pharma.

To achieve this, we:

built a bespoke business model based on analysis of the client’s portfolio and commercial strengths;

identified viable alternative growth scenarios,  and evaluated risk and value implications of each;

worked with the Board of Directors to agree a major corporate transformation plan.

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