Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the pharmaceutical industry and there seems to be an almost daily stream of stories about its benefits. This is leading to questions about whether the hype is justified, and if it be shortly replaced by something else. To get an insider’s perspective, Novasecta interviewed Don Van Dyke, Chief Operating Officer of Cloud Pharmaceuticals to hear his thoughts on what the potential of AI is and whether the hype is justified.

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On average in 2018 over 58% of sales for big pharma have come from products over 10 years old. ‘Mature’, ‘Established’ or ‘Diversified’ brands are products that have lost or are approaching loss of patent exclusivity and represent a significant source of revenue for pharmaceutical companies.

In 2000, few in the pharmaceutical industry had heard of mature brands. Yet now the vast majority of pharma companies have either entire portfolios or significant business units dedicated to their commercialisation. This shift in emphasis has been driven by reduced R&D productivity and the realisation that managed well, mature brands can provide strong profits following patent expiry. In this white paper, we explore the importance of mature brands to pharma companies, how best to approach loss of patent exclusivity and how best-in-class teams are commercialising mature brands effectively and redefining traditional life cycle management.

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AI has the potential to provide huge benefits to the pharmaceutical industry, from improving R&D productivity through to more effective sales representative deployment and better supply chain management. Adoption of AI is lagging other sectors, with initial forays mainly being led by big pharma who have deep pockets and are willing to try new innovations. For many however, it remains misunderstood, or even feared. Given the transformative potential of AI, companies must at the very least understand its benefits and develop a strategy that meets each organisation’s unique situation. Those that do will be well informed to make decisions; those that don’t, may be left out of the next industrial revolution.

For an insider’s view on what the potential of AI is and whether the hype is justified read our interview with Don Van Dyke, COO of Cloud Pharmaceuticals