Commercial models in pharma have evolved over the last few decades moving from brand focussd to access led and now the future is one of personalisation, where all aspects of an organisation’s commercial approach are tailored to individual patients, HCPs and payors based on their unique needs. To achieve this, companies and commercial teams will need to change.

We consider how:

• Pharma’s future commercial model use machine learning (ML) and agile marketing to make the most of multiple data sources to bring personalised messages to physicians and payors

• Companies need to combine products with ‘beyond the pill’ solutions that support product use such as wearable technology, patient support services and digital adherence programmes

• The threat of complete disruption from other sectors is unlikely due to the highly capital intensive and risky nature of the pharma business

• Achieving personalisation requires substantive change to processes, capabilities and culture – such change is hard, and history teaches us that this can be slow in the pharma industry

• Companies that embrace the opportunity of personalisation are those that will see the greatest results

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In light of the most recent decision from a US court, ordering Bayer-owned Monsanto to pay more than $2 billion in damages to a couple that sued on grounds the weed killer, Roundup, caused their cancer, Deutsche Welle asked John Rountree for his views on whether Bayer could survive further lawsuits and what they can do to limit the impact on the company.

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GSK’s Q1 2019 results were released today (1st May) with their vaccine business driving growth past analyst’s expectations. Reuters asked John Rountree for his thoughts: “They are really refocusing into oncology and that’s going to take some time – to make that transition – so I think its going to be a difficult time for the pharma business,” adding that the vaccine business is growing.

John has been asked for his thought before on GSK, speaking to CNBC about the recent divestiture of the Horlicks brand and the focus on innovative pharma led by Emma Walmsley.

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