Strategic collaborations are a fantastic way for pharma and biotech companies to collaborate. As the cost of mergers and acquisitions rises, partnering is emerging as the way forward for pharma companies to realise their full potential.

An Alternative is for companies to lead their own European Launch and unlock the great potential of this market, but this is often seen as a difficult market with many complexities to understand.

“Where to launch?” is a question every pharma or biotech company asks when they have a new product, but what is the right answer?

Whilst many companies sensibly opt for the markets they know, there is huge opportunity lying beyond these initial geographies and a market that is not always well understood is Europe.

Europe is a golden opportunity for many pharma and biotech companies but is often seen as a complex environment to enter.

Many US and Asian companies need support to traverse the landscape which comprises EU bodies, Individual regulators and payers, which is where we can help you understand how to unlock the potential in Europe

A great alternative to a European Launch is partnering and strategic collaborations, which can unlock mutual value for all parties.

We developed a set of R&D platforms that enhanced competitiveness in a strategically vital therapeutic area.

To achieve this, we:

benchmarked resource allocation, capabilities, and development strategies against best-in-class peers;

defined a clear set of creative strategic options, before evaluating risk, investment, and required organisational capabilities for each;

successfully guided the organisation through strategy selection and co-creation of implementation roadmap.

We delivered a go-to-market strategy for a medical device company with an innovative technology platform.

To achieve this, we:

analysed market size, product potential, partnering options, and competitive landscape through primary and secondary research;

demonstrated a clear direction for product development through designing a clear, workable commercialisation roadmap;

ensured that senior management and the Board of Directors were aligned on the new commercial strategy.

We helped transform a company with diverse clinical and commercial assets into a focused, specialty pharma.

To achieve this, we:

built a bespoke business model based on analysis of the client’s portfolio and commercial strengths;

identified viable alternative growth scenarios,  and evaluated risk and value implications of each;

worked with the Board of Directors to agree a major corporate transformation plan.

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