How do I ensure products and resources generate maximum revenues? Is the product portfolio being actively managed to drive profit?

We have helped our clients to focus their resources and people so that they bring real commercial nous to their businesses. We have ensured that all products in the portfolio deliver maximum revenue, benefits and long-lasting competitive advantage from launch through to maturity.

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How can I best balance competing priorities within a portfolio? How can my business expand its market range with new products, without risks such as cannibalisation?

Our extensive, in-depth experience has allowed us to develop a structured, rational approach to successfully balance all the elements of our clients’ portfolios. To achieve this, we have given clients the tools and confidence to make objective decisions on product prioritisation and revenue maximisation.


How do I know that my marketing planning is as effective as possible? Is the business accessing the newest thinking in this fast-changing field? Do I have the tools to judge success?

We develop highly successful, overarching brand strategies for our clients. Our hands-on experience allows us to identify strengths and weaknesses, and apply best practice to marketing processes, allowing them to move forward and plan in confidence.


How can I ensure that my global brand strategy is working as well as it could? Do local strategies reflect regional differences? How do I measure the success of a brand’s strategy in a corporate context?

We work with clients to quantify their brand strategies, identifying key strengths and weaknesses to maximise revenues, and inspiring the team to build the business.

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How can I be sure that all bases are covered for a product launch? Does my business know all the tough questions to ask in order to ensure success?

We apply our broad and deep experience and proven launch frameworks to a vast range of products, maximising revenues from the earliest stages, and fully realising their potential.

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How can I ensure mature brands in the portfolio attract internal advocates to ensure long term success? What are the best ways to unlock each drug’s potential before it’s pensioned off?

By bringing our knowledge and experience to bear, we have helped clients to boost the internal profile of mature brands, secure investment for their marketing, and identify creative new routes to increased profitability.

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