What is my best path to sustainable growth? How should the business focus, and where is it best to partner or acquire? Which territories offer greatest potential for expansion — and with which products?

Our deep sector knowledge has helped our clients to focus on the right strategic solutions for their companies, leveraging their unique capabilities and strengths to meet today’s challenges and future opportunities.

Services - Commercial

Corporate strategy

Is my strategy taking the business in the right direction? What is the best path to long term, sustainable growth? How best to balance the risks associated with evolving the strategy?

We have built our reputation in part on being able to frame and confront the really big questions. By identifying our clients’ unique capabilities and strengths, we develop actionable, bespoke solutions for them that deliver practical, sustainable growth.

Capital allocation

How can I drive through meaningful change in my business? How can its financial resources be deployed to maximise profits?

Allocation of capital is the essential mechanism for effective realisation of corporate goals. We work successfully with clients to identify and analyse their unique strengths, and to focus their financial resources on strategies to drive growth and build for the future.

Geographic expansion

What are my best options for own-commercialisation, partnering and M&A? How do I get the timing right? How to balance the threats and opportunities of moving into a new territory?

Our expert, in depth analysis provides context for these vital decisions, while our deep sector experience allows us to offer our clients a range of creative pathways to expand their practical options for growth.

M&A and partnerships

What capabilities are missing from my business? Can its portfolio be balanced by partnering? How can I be sure that the value of an acquired or partnered business will be greater than the sum of its parts?

Partnering and M&A in familiar and unfamiliar territories offer the full spectrum of risk and reward. By utilising our extensive network alongside tried and tested tools, we bring pragmatism and creativity to the process. This significantly increases our clients’ deal flow options and delivers successful, long term growth.

New business models

How do I reach a deeper understanding of the future and assess how it impacts my business? How can it best respond to the constant flux of external forces?

Many previously successful business models are reaching the end of their lifecycle. We help clients extract maximum value from them while building the new models that adapt to the changing landscape of aging populations, increasing regulatory pressures, and shifts in customer expectations.