European Entry

What should I do about Europe? How can I get the best value from Europe? There are lots questions when considering European market entry but how do you know you have asked the right ones?

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The European pharmaceutical market is the second largest globally after the US. In 2017 the markets accounted for 22.2% and 48.1% of world pharmaceutical sales, respectively, and for sales of new medicines launched between 2012-2017 the trend continues – 64.1% for US compared to 18.1% for the top 5 markets in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), and the size of the market is set to grow by 25% by 2022.

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Services - Commercial

Self-commercialisation in Europe is a great opportunity for companies with global ambition.

The European market is unique globally with a centralised regulator and diversity in market access and pricing between countries.

Local expertise is essential when establishing a commercial footprint in Europe and companies that enlist help to understand the market and their opportunities for success will be rewarded.

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Strategic collaborations are a fantastic way for companies to enter Europe. They create great value for organisations who wish to expand into the market with minimal disruption.

Europe has a unique network of pharmaceutical companies with therapeutic focus, deep local knowledge and a strong history of collaborating to bring new products to market.

Companies wishing to enter the European market should explore the potential for strategic collaborations to bring innovative treatments to new patients.

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