While our industry continues to find diverse ways to ensure cash is applied to early-stage R&D – for example venture funding, option-based partnerships, acquisitions, and more recently IPOs again – funding clinical development is becoming tougher, particularly the later and more expensive stages. We are beginning to face a new funding shortage: pharmaceutical companies and their investors appear to be less willing to finance clinical development through their P&L accounts than they are to find cash for deal-making and M&A. How can pharmaceutical companies secure funding for their most important clinical development projects? Alternative funding models have started to emerge in recent years that can provide access to capital with control over the asset and its development. In this paper we classify the available funding options today, and then discuss the key attributes and risk implications of each. We offer our views on how MidPharmas can explore funding arrangements which are best suited to their stability, scale and long-term strategic goals, ensuring the right balance between accessing capital today and giving up value tomorrow.

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