Case studies

Market access case studies

Market access case studies

Establishing a consistent approach for delivering high quality integrated communication plans

Strategically, market access is about packaging data in the right way, for the right customer at the right time. Our Market Access case studies consider the demands on the function and how it can ensure value is provided to both internal and external stakeholders.

The work of Market Access is vital for pharmaceutical companies, and as a member of the Market Access function you has several key responsibilities:

• Consider the implications of your product on the wider healthcare market

• Understand changing healthcare markets and the impact they will have on your product

• Prepare a positive healthcare environment which supports uptake of your product

• Communicate the value of your product to the key opinion leaders who influence uptake

The complex nature of Market Access require’s you to have well integrated operating models that allow you to engage key functions proactively and collaborate effectively.

Recently, the role of Market Access has become increasingly complex as payers demand greater value and benefits for patients. These pressures can lead to delays in medicines reaching a market, medicines not being accepted by payers or medicines no longer being reimbursed.

Our client’s trust us to help them ensure patients gain and maintain access to medicines by ensuring Market Access has the best operating models to:

• Identify value from payer insights

• Create value through clinical and health economic outcomes and research (HEOR) data

• Communicate value through collaboration with R&D and commercial functions

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