Alice Barlow

Alice Barlow

Client Relationship Manager

BA Hons Philosophy, University of Hull

“In any meaningful relationship, the top ingredients always will be effective communication, empathy and trust. Not only does Novasecta seek to base external relationships on these qualities, but we live by them every day when we collaborate as a team. For me, the key is not the pool of industry know-how or academic qualifications our people have, but the fact we are encouraged to contribute as unique individuals with support and trust every day – by us and for us! My role is to facilitate, grow and nurture relationships and it begins every Monday morning with a double espresso or two!”

Alice’s role is to create value through developing partnerships with current and new clients. She has a particular focus on running client-facing events and international roadshows, ensuring that Novasecta’s wider network is kept up to date with thoughtful insights and industry news. She also ensures Novasecta remains accessible and relevant in its online space, enabling its live presence to grow throughout Europe. Additionally she reviews clients’ experience of working with the company, giving her a 360 degree understanding of the business from the client side.

Before joining Novasecta in 2017, she worked for online media companies including Sony PlayStation, Disney Interactive, Facebook and Expedia. At these companies she was responsible for managing events, communications and providing executive assistance to global leaders.

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Passionate about wine and wine education, in 2016 she lived in Paris to start her own business in that field.

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