Darrell Baker

Darrell Baker


BSc in Biochemistry, University of Bristol

"In 40 years in the industry I have learned a lot about how to organise and plan to discover, develop and launch pharmaceutical products successfully. Often, the most definitive learnings derive from what went wrong! I really enjoy sharing what I have learned and helping companies of all kinds to get it right first time."

Darrell has over 40 years’ experience in pharmaceuticals including senior leadership roles in both the Commercial and R&D functions of GSK. His early career progression within Glaxo included both local and global commercial leadership roles. After a period in the US, leading marketing of the US respiratory business at the time of the Advair launch, he headed Medicines Development for Respiratory products in the newly-formed GSK R&D organisation, successfully delivering a range of products including Veramyst, Breo, Anoro, Incruse, Nucala and Trelegy.

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