Edward Bellringer

Edward Bellringer

Client Development Manager

BSc Chemistry, University of Nottingham

“Novasecta was a natural fit for me, people and science; to hear our clients’ challenges and see the benefit our solutions bring to the world is awesome. The knowledge within the team and the way it collaborates has allowed me to get started straight away and understand our clients’ challenges. When I’m not in the office or representing Novasecta at a conference, I am normally chasing various shaped balls in a field or lounging in one watching.”

Ed’s role is to keep the team busy. Day to day he introduces Novasecta to prospective clients, learning about the issues that matter to them and sharing Novasecta’s insights into their problems.

Each client project receives high levels of partner and principal engagement, ensuring Novasecta delivers maximum value, so he is key in allowing the team to focus on their clients whilst he facilitates new introductions.

Ed started his career at an Expert Network, which was a great introduction to a huge variety of businesses and sectors. But it was the biotech and pharma projects that he loved, so when he got the call to join Novasecta it was the natural choice.

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