Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly entering into R&D collaborations with external parties that create Intellectual Property (IP) and competition law considerations. The pharma companies’ legal teams have a critical and important role for the success of such collaborations. They are the “risk gatekeepers” between the internal and external worlds, ensuring success through a balanced approach to risk mitigation. An excessively risk-averse approach can hinder the potential outcomes of a collaboration or at worst terminate it before an agreement can be reached. On the contrary, limited effective risk assessment and mitigation can endanger the company’s unique advantages. To explore good practice in this area we have explored the “voice of legal” based on a set of targeted interviews with internal and external lawyers and our experience. Our conclusion shows that if innovation teams partner with legal up-front, “legal” can be a force for success in R&D collaborations rather than the stereotypical obstacle to closing partnership deals quickly and effectively.

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