How can I ensure that R&D supports the business strategy? How can I change the organisation, processes and culture to make R&D more effective? What are the best ways to embed commercial instincts in R&D?

We help our clients meet the challenge of developing new products against a landscape of increased regulation, diminishing opportunities and changing physician, payer and patient expectations. At the same time, we successfully work with them to explore opportunities driven by new technologies and innovative partnering arrangements.

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Services - Commercial

R&D renewal

What is the best R&D strategy for my company? How can I best govern our complex R&D activities? Do I have the right mix of R&D capabilities for the future? How can we build from our strengths and get the most from flexible outsourcing and partnering? What is the best way to build and reinforce a more commercial and productive culture in R&D?

We help diverse R&D organisations to redefine and transform how they deliver value to their companies. We help businesses identify their key capabilities to address technical challenges, and transform both research and work in development into viable medicines. We also create bespoke governance models and processes that drive culture change and productivity improvement.

Portfolio management

Is my R&D portfolio aligned with corporate strategy? Does it hold enough diversity to support the business in the future? Is the balance of lifecycle management and NME innovation right? Do I need to take the hard decision to kill any projects?

Through rigorous and strategic portfolio management, we help clients to act swiftly and decisively when needed. We work with them to identify portfolio challenges, run an objective eye on which projects to champion, and respond to and influence corporate strategy accordingly.

Asset strategy

How can I best exploit the value of an individual R&D asset? What is its best development path and indication choice to maximise returns?

We have a proven track record in maximising the value of R&D assets as they move through the research and development process, helping clients weigh up the complex evaluation involved and then making complex trade-off decisions to achieve the right balance of risk and return.

External innovation

How can I be better at bringing in science from outside to build for the future, and drive projects to success? What internal capabilities do I need to be excellent at attracting the best external assets and technologies? What are the organisational and geographical implications for my business?

Statistically, externally sourced drugs tend to have the highest success rate. Licensing, joint ventures and partnerships are all vital for building an effective pipeline, and we have an exceptional track record in this space. We asset-hunt, screen, and bring R&D functions into play to drive success in external and open innovation.

Customer-centric innovation

How can I bring R&D in line with changes in the pharma landscape and serve real world needs? What’s the best way of aligning R&D with corporate strategy?

We have successfully hardwired communication channels between commercial and scientific functions. This has created the change in mindsets that helps scientists to think through the implications of their research holistically, and to use a true customer focus to drive innovation.