A biotech with a specific therapeutic expertise had developed two lead assets that had potential in several non-core indications and sought partnerships to progress its assets

Business Development activities had stalled and had not yielded sufficient contact with the senior R&D executives who would be open to creative partnership approaches for the various indications


Thoroughly analysed the lead assets in terms of what would be attractive to what type of company, and crafted succinct value propositions to take to potential partners

Screened the global universe of potential partners for the value propositions, and selected a short list of promising candidates

Anonymously interviewed senior executives in relevant potential partners to explore deal possibilities and understand opportunities and barriers to deals

  • A set of high-quality well-qualified introductions to several promising potential partners and insight into how attractive the assets were, why, and what could be done about it
  • A significant acceleration of Business Development insight that led to important decisions on two assets

An early stage biotech sought competitive insight and a business development narrative to support fund-raising and the consideration of suitable partnership deals to enable expansion

The biotech’s technology was highly innovative with a corresponding recent rapid growth in the number of companies and pipeline products that were either precedents or competitors


We carried out a thorough competitor analysis based on the mechanism of action of the technology and the phase of development of companies that were active in the target therapeutic area as well as the specific indication for the company’s lead asset

We analysed comparable deals and companies in terms of upfronts, funding rounds, initial public offerings and pipeline progress

We developed clear and succinct board and investor materials for the CEO to use in ongoing discussions

  • Confirmation and a depth of evidence behind the CEO’s initial instinct regarding positioning the biotech optimally for fund-raising
  • Confidence and tangible evidence to drive further fund-raising for the company

An early-stage biotech with a highly innovative new technology that had multiple therapeutic area and indication possibilities sought a focus for its further product and technology developments

The management team and board did not have an evidence-based view on which opportunities were the best ones to pursue for further corporate growth


Analysed and clarified the corporate ambition and risk appetite, previous growth ideas that had been considered, and the key technology advantages, issues, priorities and challenges

Qualitatively triaged and evaluated the wealth of growth options, with illustrative financial and risk projections driven by market opportunities and comparable partnership and M&A deals

Created an implementation roadmap to convert the strategic choices to a tangible reality including critical path activities, resource requirements and risks to manage

  • An evidence backed strategic roadmap and compelling value propositions to take to potential partners that could further advance the technology and create novel products
  • Engaged in a highly valuable partnership with a major pharma based on the board’s and management team’s clarity in strategic focus and confidence to transact

A multi-product biotech with a newly established commercial footprint in the US was not getting the speed of uptake that was expected prior to launch

The specialty product was not straightforward to commercialise as it required a procedure, an associated device and a relationship approach with key centres spread across the US


Analysed the situation through primary and secondary research to identify drivers and barriers to product adoption, usage and leakage points after the initial positive uptake

Identified two opportunities for improved commercialisation, through accounts that did not modify logistics to accommodate the product and high rates of equipment failure during procedures

Developed an account start-up process to systematically support accounts with pathway logistics, and created a ‘Surgical Executive’ role to provide on-site support

  • Clarity of action for the US commercial team that was aligned with headquarters and addressed the most important growth constraints
  • Product growth accelerated to >100% and remained in excess of 40% year on year after two years

A biotech with on-market assets and a novel technology platform needed partners across different regions as it could not fully self-fund global development and commercialisation

The biotech did not have a rich understanding and network into one of its key target regions for partnerships, and needed to accelerate its senior-level access in the right companies


Developed a strong rationale for partnering and created tailored documentation to support discussions with potential partners that would be attractive in each partner’s eyes

Screened and prioritised a long-list of companies, and identified partner candidates with suitable scale, strategic fit, and capabilities

Contacted partner candidates using our network of senior decision-makers to receive rapid feedback on the partnering value proposition

  • A significantly accelerated business development timeline with direct introductions to senior executives in well qualified and interested companies
  • Multiple new advanced stage partnering negotiations with insight into how to close them

A mature biotech company could not fund the further development and commercialisation of all of its products, so needed good partners for its asset portfolio across different regions

Not many global and regional partners were suitable for the company’s unique products that combined device and drug elements in clinical procedures


Crafted a strong strategy and rationale for partnering and developed marketing documents in the form of pitch-books and executive summaries

Developed and prioritised a long-list of potential partners for each of the assets using criteria and bespoke profiling of potential partners

Contacted the potential partners using our high-level network, allowing us to reach senior decision-makers and receive rapid feedback on the relevant propositions

  • Three signed deals with different companies for different products in the portfolio including a licensing deal, a divestment and a collaboration
  • A focused and restructured portfolio with the partners and funding to further develop the company’s assets

The European pharmaceutical market is the second largest globally after the US. In 2017 the markets accounted for 22.2% and 48.1% of world pharmaceutical sales, respectively, and for sales of new medicines launched between 2012-2017 the trend continues – 64.1% for US compared to 18.1% for the top 5 markets in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), and the size of the market is set to grow by 25% by 2022.

Europe clearly presents an excellent opportunity for many pharmaceutical companies and biotechs, but it can be a confusing market to enter.

The European market has a unique structure with the majority of countries, those in the EU, having a common regulator which provides a single pathway to allow products to be marketed in all 28 EU countries. The market is however fractured at a country level and each country can decide its own market access, pricing and also individually grant marketing authorisation, so it is imperative that companies understand the markets they wish to enter.

Europe poses challenges that other markets don’t so the question for many companies is how to access these markets and this depends on their ambition. Do you want to create a geographic footprint of your own in Europe or do you want to access the Market but keep your main focus on home markets? At Novasecta we help companies with two defined approaches:


Strategic Collaborations and partnering

These are both great strategies to enter Europe, but each company needs to evaluate which is best for them.

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