A biotech with a specific therapeutic expertise had developed two lead assets that had potential in several non-core indications and sought partnerships to progress its assets

Business Development activities had stalled and had not yielded sufficient contact with the senior R&D executives who would be open to creative partnership approaches for the various indications


Thoroughly analysed the lead assets in terms of what would be attractive to what type of company, and crafted succinct value propositions to take to potential partners

Screened the global universe of potential partners for the value propositions, and selected a short list of promising candidates

Anonymously interviewed senior executives in relevant potential partners to explore deal possibilities and understand opportunities and barriers to deals

  • A set of high-quality well-qualified introductions to several promising potential partners and insight into how attractive the assets were, why, and what could be done about it
  • A significant acceleration of Business Development insight that led to important decisions on two assets

A biotech with on-market assets and a novel technology platform needed partners across different regions as it could not fully self-fund global development and commercialisation

The biotech did not have a rich understanding and network into one of its key target regions for partnerships, and needed to accelerate its senior-level access in the right companies


Developed a strong rationale for partnering and created tailored documentation to support discussions with potential partners that would be attractive in each partner’s eyes

Screened and prioritised a long-list of companies, and identified partner candidates with suitable scale, strategic fit, and capabilities

Contacted partner candidates using our network of senior decision-makers to receive rapid feedback on the partnering value proposition

  • A significantly accelerated business development timeline with direct introductions to senior executives in well qualified and interested companies
  • Multiple new advanced stage partnering negotiations with insight into how to close them

Following a period of profitability constraints, a MidPharma was poised for adding external partnerships and bolt-on acquisitions and needed a prioritised set of candidates to approach with a strong rationale for each

The management team had differing views on the relative attractiveness of different candidates and how they would fit the corporate strategy


Aligned management on future goals and preferred growth options based on management team insights and preferences and the agreed corporate vision and direction

Searched thoroughly for possible expansion candidates based on agreed profiles, and assessed the feasibility and attractiveness of those that best fit the corporate goals

Synthesised and aligned on a clear and actionable growth plan including the rationale for specific moves and interdependencies between the various options to pursue

  • A sequenced and actionable roadmap including candidates for immediate follow up to focus corporate development activities across therapeutic areas, regions, and types of company
  • A richer and more coherent pipeline of partnership and M&A candidates that fit the corporate direction

Ambitious targets for pipeline growth in a MidPharma led to a request for R&D to establish how it could do more external innovation in order to support achievement of the new goals

The external innovation team was under-resourced and traditionally focused on earlier technology collaborations rather than the pipeline enrichment that was newly required


Developed a powerful external innovation strategy that supported the delivery of the desired R&D strategy, and designed new activities and processes for the various elements of the organisation involved in external innovation

Benchmarked a subset of peer companies to inform key choices around resourcing, capabilities, targets and necessary investment

Created a business plan that included resourcing, return on investment and impact on the existing organisation and designed the “reconfigured” R&D/BD capabilities

  • The external innovation business plan was approved, implemented, and embedded into the existing R&D and BD processes
  • The company applied the plan to accelerate pipeline enrichment through signing more high quality and focused external innovation deals

A new corporate strategy that focused on accessing increased innovation in a MidPharma’s core therapeutic area required extra global reach and capabilities to access external innovation

External innovation activities were split between R&D and BD and not located in a way that would ensure both access to the right innovation and integration with the internal organisation


Defined a clear external innovation focus in terms of pipeline stages, technology modalities, types of collaboration, asset risks, deal archetypes, and geography

Designed a lean external innovation sourcing model inspired by the approaches of other companies and analysis of where the desired technologies and assets were concentrated

Created a business plan and implementation roadmap to successfully embed the new model and characterise the resources and investment requirements for success

  • Executive committee approval for a new resourcing model and processes for external innovation with increased investments into strategic locations
  • A more focused and effective external innovation machine to enrich the innovation pipeline

A mature biotech company could not fund the further development and commercialisation of all of its products, so needed good partners for its asset portfolio across different regions

Not many global and regional partners were suitable for the company’s unique products that combined device and drug elements in clinical procedures


Crafted a strong strategy and rationale for partnering and developed marketing documents in the form of pitch-books and executive summaries

Developed and prioritised a long-list of potential partners for each of the assets using criteria and bespoke profiling of potential partners

Contacted the potential partners using our high-level network, allowing us to reach senior decision-makers and receive rapid feedback on the relevant propositions

  • Three signed deals with different companies for different products in the portfolio including a licensing deal, a divestment and a collaboration
  • A focused and restructured portfolio with the partners and funding to further develop the company’s assets