The Novasecta European MidPharma Report 2019

The Novasecta European MidPharma Report 2019

European MidPharmas are a fascinating, diverse, and resilient group of companies, holding a unique position in the industry. We define the sector as R&D-based pharmaceutical companies, headquartered in Europe with annual revenues between €50m and €5bn.

In our fifth annual MidPharma report we examine these companies across corporate, R&D and commercial domains to delve into what makes them special, how the best are leading the way and why the sector needs to be alert to changing industry dynamics.

This year we highlight and explore the four key needs for companies in this sector:

• Acknowledge vulnerability to changes in capital markets and payers

• Pursue purposeful and selective corporate development

• Reinvent the R&D model to adapt to a changing innovation ecosystem

• Increase commercial profitability and customer orientation

We believe these are vital topics for MidPharmas and we have explored some of them before in our White Papers, including reinventing the R&D model, M&A being too expensive, the benefit of strategic collaborations and the vulnerabilities produced by ownership structure

This is our second sector-focused report this year on the pharma sector. Read our Global 100 report to explore how the wider pharma industry is accessing capital to drive effective R&D and commercial efficiency and how a non-European mindset influences their approach.

Download the MidPharma report to explore the key needs of the sector and find out which companies are thriving