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We focus on the most important business growth drivers for our clients: Corporate, R&D and Commercial. None of these operates in isolation, and that’s the key to our consultancy. We have the specific experience and insight to understand how each area impacts on another. It’s how we help our clients to confront the unique challenges facing the pharma and biotech industry.

Novasecta finds solutions to the big, complex questions facing CEOs and business leaders, working with them to develop clear and actionable strategies for growth.

Effective, bespoke solutions require thoughtful and creative input. Our experience and sector insight  allow us to home in on the real issues and craft the right answer for each of them. We also actively address our clients’ capabilities, so our solutions are sustainable and incorporate every function of the business in the broadest possible context.

Find out how we drive growth across Corporate, R&D and Commercial.

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What is my best path to sustainable growth? How should the business focus, and where is it best to partner – or acquire? Which territories offer greatest potential for expansion ... and with which products?


Corporate strategy

Capital allocation

Geographic expansion

M&A and partnerships

New business models



How can I ensure that R&D supports the business strategy? How can I change the organisation, processes and culture to make R&D more effective? What are the best ways to embed commercial instincts in R&D?


R&D renewal

Portfolio management

Asset strategy

External innovation

Customer-centric innovation



We ask challenging questions: how to make the very most of your products and resources to generate growth? Is every stage of the lifecycle geared to generate maximum revenue? Are you actively managing your product portfolio to drive profit?


Launch Excellence

Portfolio Optimisation

Mature Brand Management

Brand Strategy

Marketing Excellence


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