We Are

We’re totally committed to improving our clients' businesses. We help them to address their toughest strategic and organisational challenges.

We are a unique pharma and biotech strategy consultancy that provides bespoke solutions to our clients' toughest strategic and organisational challenges.

We have an unmatched pool of talent and expertise concentrated solely on supporting the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Because as a team we understand the industry at a profound level, we always create practical solutions that deliver results.

We take great pride in the way that our learning culture helps us to develop cutting-edge insights. In turn, by constantly delivering the best solutions for our clients, we ensure that our expertise is always up-to-date and relevant for each client we work with.

Novasecta - Who we are
Novasecta - Our Approach


Our aim is to get to heart of the issue and focus on the right problem – only then can we find the right solution.

Because we understand the industry inside out, we are able to move swiftly and decisively towards agreed objectives. Day-to-day, we are challenging, direct and honest. Whether we are framing the problem or developing a solution, our sector-wide expertise allows us to drill right down into the specifics, at the same as understanding how those specifics impact the bigger picture.

Our clients value that we always get to the essence of their issues, more effectively and faster than generalist consultancies. We apply our deep knowledge and experience to the areas we choose to analyse in depth. Our clients tell us that we are knowledgeable, succinct, and above all practical.


As individuals, we’re all energised by the sector, by problem solving and by gaining a deep understanding of what makes your business unique. But our real strength lies in our team, where our broad industry experience, practical know-how and expertise come into play.